CommunityCam gives community groups and individuals the power to locate security cameras so they can plan safer, monitored routes. It was created to benefit everyone, including children, cyclists, runners, and walkers, who are most vulnerable to hit-and-run accidents and street crime.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is CommunityCam?
    A: CommunityCam is a free crowdsourced security camera map developed by that creates societal benefit in the network of privately placed cameras in our local communities.
    Q: What is the goal of CommunityCam?
    A: To provide citizens and law enforcement with an innovative tool to anticipate, prevent, and solve street crime in their local communities.
    Q: Can I view live video from cameras mapped on CommunityCam?
    A: No. CommunityCam's sole aim is to provide the public with a community-driven map of publicly visible security cameras.
    Q: Are camera owners required to give me video footage?
    A: No. CommunityCam makes no guarantees that mapped cameras are operational or recording video, nor any obligations on camera owners.
    Q: How do I add cameras to CommunityCam?
    A: Once you find real-world locations of security cameras, proceed to the CommunityCam map and do the following:
    • Click the "Edit Profile" icon to Register and Log-in.
    • Type in the address of the camera in the search bar, or simply drag and drop the "+" pin onto the map.
    • Double-check that the camera has not already been mapped.
    • Using the cross hairs, position your camera in the targeted spot. You can zoom in and out of your location by using the scroll wheel on your map.
    • Double click your mouse to add the camera.
    • Search or navigate to a new map location to add another camera placement.

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