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We specialize in the design and deployment of custom surveillance solutions for business owners and managers across all industry verticals.

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Security Solutions by Role

Our system design experts are well versed in the distinct needs of small business owners, IT managers, and security directors. Our unique approach to surveillance has enabled our diverse range of customers to better secure business property and assets against day-to-day threats while improving business efficiency.

Featured Roles will partner with your company or organization to develop a strong security plan that's not only effective but affordable in price. Whether you need a brand new HD security camera system or are looking to update your existing surveillance equipment, we can build a security plan that's right for you.

Construction Project Manager

Construction project managers and general managers can utilize flexible IP-based surveillance systems to better secure their construction site, reduce workplace accidents, and deter crime. New products, including temporary security towers that come with cameras and equipment installed, make it quick and easy to install surveillance systems on any construction site.

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Small Business Owners

Small business owners can leverage the power of surveillance in a variety of ways. Today, security camera systems make it possible for business owners to monitor daily operations from a remote or mobile device, providing peace of mind 24 hours a day. We understand the security challenges you face and offer practical - and proven - solutions to overcome them.

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IT Directors

If you work as an IT director, CIO or IT manager, and have been tasked to find a video surveillance system for your company, we are here to help you. Our veteran system design specialists work with you to ensure your new or updated system properly integrates with your existing infrastructure and computer network.

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General Managers

Video surveillance isn't just for security anymore. Improve your business processes through upgrading or extending your system. You can easily monitor employee productivity and increase premise security at the same time. Learn more about how we've helped business managers and facility directors build out powerful and reliable surveillance systems.

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Security Directors

As a security manager, security officer, or security director it's your responsibility to safeguard your organization's physical assets against threats like theft and vandalism. Learn about some of the latest features in surveillance for collecting stronger video evidence. Our system specialists will work with you to implement a facility-wide security camera system.

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