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What comes in a security camera system? They are made up of IP cameras, NVRs, video management software, and more.

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What Are Video Surveillance Systems?

The word “camera” is often bandied about because we know exactly what it means, whereas the word “system” may seem a bit vague in its definition. Simply put, surveillance systems are different from surveillance cameras in that they’re all-inclusive security packages tailored to your home or business.

Video surveillance systems tend to include any number of video surveillance cameras, an NVR or VMS, and sometimes additional accessories such as a PoE switch and Cat5e cables, among other types of equipment to ensure your new system is ready to be set-up and installed on the day it’s delivered. You will find a variety of home security camera systems, outdoor security camera systems, wireless security camera systems, 8 camera security systems, 4-camera security camera systems, HDTV, and IP video security systems. All of these security camera systems are pre-configured for easy installation, and can be customized to suit your unique surveillance application.

What to Look for in Surveillance Camera Systems?

When you are on the hunt for a video security system it all depends on your security needs. If you’re a shop owner, you might want basic indoor cube cameras, along with a plug-and-play NVR to record, view, and manage your video. If you’re a homeowner, you might be looking for one of our home security camera systems that have four outdoor bullet cameras to secure the perimeter of your property. To answer the question, you want to select video surveillance systems that can handle the demands of your security operation. Maybe you’re in search of both indoor and outdoor cameras. offers video surveillance systems that include indoor and outdoor cameras, alike so you can safeguard the interior and exterior of your home or business. Also note that it’s important to select a system that contains all the necessary equipment that you need such as a PoE switch, Cat5e cabling, or NVR. Again, each system can be customized if needed.

What Does a Video Surveillance System Include? features a comprehensive selection of indoor, outdoor, wireless, indoor & outdoor, and day/night security camera systems that are teeming with superior technology and top-of-the-line video analytics that will far exceed your expectations. Many of our IP surveillance camera systems come with Cat5e cabling, a PoE switch, NVRs, and/or a PoE injector to get your system up and running the moment it arrives at your door. It’s worth noting that will happily remove or add equipment or cameras to the video security system to ensure your property is fully protected. We believe that customization is critical to keeping our customers satisfied especially when it comes to video surveillance systems.

How Do I Select a Video Security System?

First, browse our extensive selection of 4 and 8 camera security systems in our online store to understand the various types of cameras and products that are included with each. Next, make sure that the system that you’re interested in is compatible with your needs. When choosing the right IP security camera systems, it’s imperative to think about scalability and flexibility. Systems are great because you can add to the number of cameras at anytime thanks to the addition of an NVR that is included with all of them. You should also consider what camera features matter most to you such as vandal-proof cameras, outdoor-ready cameras, HDTV, megapixel resolution, motion detection, tamper detection, and other key components that, when dovetailed together, create crisp, clear video that is easy to decipher. Also, is aesthetics important to you? Our video surveillance systems are composed of some of the most intelligently designed domes, bullets, and cube cameras to satisfy your décor preferences.

What are the Advantages of Buying a Video Surveillance System?

There are several benefits to investing in surveillance camera systems versus purchasing one camera at a time, especially if you’re a growing business or have a large amount of property to cover. Since they’re scalable, you can add to the number of IP cameras at anytime to your NVR with new camera licenses. They’re also highly favorable because they are cost-efficient in the long-run; security camera systems prevent you from having to purchase each product individually. You can’t always buy just one IP camera; you need other crucial equipment to install it, which is often overlooked by many users. Can Help You’s team of knowledgeable, highly experienced network video technicians and sales representatives are well-versed in IP security camera systems. Call or reach out to us by sending a message, or you can request to have us contact you to learn more about which system is right for your surveillance operation. We will analyze your home, business, or organization and help you determine the best possible surveillance camera system. We can pre-configure our video surveillance systems for easier installation, and we can also customize our surveillance systems to meet your growing security demands.

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