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Increase the efficiency of your security system with our security monitoring services, an affordable security solution for many businesses.

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Security Monitoring

Monitoring a security system in real time allows you, or your security team, to see the instant a potential criminal enters your business or trespasses on your property. This speed allows you to step in and prevent a crime from happening.

Security Monitoring Services

You can monitor your security system, or hire guards to walk the grounds and watch alarms, but when spend the money and time when you could harness the efficiency and affordability of security monitoring services?

We use only trained professionals to monitor your security systems, many with military and police backgrounds. And because they won't be on site but instead monitor remotely, you can get their experience at a fraction of the cost you would spend to hire full time guards.

Remote Security Monitoring

The largest benefit of security monitoring services is the ability to monitor the system remotely and still react in real time to events. Remote monitoring has many advantages:

  • Remote guards are a quarter of the cost of traditional guards
  • Surveillance cameras have a larger field of view
  • Clear nighttime recording
  • 24/7 record of activity

With a trained professional monitoring your security system cameras and alarms in real time, you have someone who can react quickly any time of day or night. This includes having a remove guard use speakers attached to your system to call down to a trespasser, up to calling police to report the crime as it happens.

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